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Intelligent Railways In-Depth Focus 2018

29 March 2018 | By

Railways simply cannot afford to be unprepared or surprised by equipment and asset downtime. With intelligent predictive maintenance solutions in place, and advanced ways of analysing data, assets can perform more reliably helping to improve the capacity of networks and deliver a better passenger experience.


Making ProRail more sustainable

19 March 2017 | By Karen te Boome, Manager of Environment and Sustainability at ProRail

ProRail – the Dutch railway network operator – is passionate about sustainability. But a completely sustainable railway doesn’t just materialise overnight. Small incremental steps are being taken every day with significant progress being made in several key areas. In this article for Global Railway Review, Karen te Boome, Manager of…


Winter is coming – how does NS and ProRail cope?

28 November 2016 | By

Snow and frost can have a major impact on train timetables. NS is the largest rail carrier in the Netherlands and together with the network manager, ProRail, it has a number of measures ready and waiting to ensure it can keep transporting as many passengers as possible when winter comes.…


ProRail… on the right track!

25 May 2016 | By Pier Eringa, President and Chairman, ProRail

ProRail is responsible for the Dutch rail network – the busiest in Europe. The organisation enables 1.1 million train journeys every day and 51 billion tonne-kilometres every year. Currently working on the biggest track renewal project in Dutch history, ProRail experienced an eventful 2015, as President and Chairman Pier Eringa…


OV SAAL project: Working on improving accessibility in the Netherlands

13 February 2015 | By Christian Caan, Koen Ingels, ProRail and Kitty I'Abee, OV SAAL

The OV SAAL project in the Netherlands aims to expand the railway system around Schiphol, Amsterdam, Almere and Lelystad, but not without serious challenges with respect to technique and accessibility. Christiaan Caan and Koen Ingels both Managers from construction alliances on behalf of ProRail, and OV SAAL’s Senior Communications Consultant,…


Creating a ‘Green Wave’ on the Dutch railways

12 February 2014 | By Hugo Thomassen, Director of Transport & Timetables, ProRail

Forty different users and 3.3 million train movements. Every year, creating a master plan for capacity allocation on the busiest rail network in Europe poses a formidable mathematical challenge for the Dutch rail infrastructure management company ProRail. How does ProRail address this operational challenge in a way that is compatible…